Joseph Dante: writer, occasional reader for Hobart and Keyhole Magazine, elder brother, quiet queerling, breaker-downer trying to navigate the world of builder-uppers.
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The Paris Library floods, 1910.


The Paris Library floods, 1910.

Internet comments I have saved on my computer.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Joseph Dante | Cartridge Lit →

I recently found out my parents were actually playing video games before I was even born. They’d play the Intellivision with my uncle on Friday nights. They’ve kept the system all this time too. It’s in their closet somewhere. The controllers have ridiculous dials and look like alien technology.

Cartridge Lit interviewed me about video games and the writing life.

The moment of change is the only poem.

two new poems


i have two new poems in the Boston Review with a kind introduction by Amy King.

"You’re so quiet / you’re almost / tomorrow."

Ocean Vuong,  from Into The Breach, Boston Review