Joseph Dante: writer, lackey for literary journals (Hobart, Keyhole, Pithead Chapel), elder brother, quiet queerling, breaker-downer trying to navigate the world of builder-uppers.
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Things I’ve Learned from Reading for Literary Magazines:

  • That one girl totally wants you to hit on her at the bar. It is a bar, isn’t it? If not, maybe we can meet up at the cafe?
  • Non-writers just don’t get it, am I right?
  • Everyone drinks and does drugs. Everyone.
  • Road trips, man. They teach you shit.
  • Don’t worry, Mother will protect you…after she eats you, that is!
  • Women writers do exist. In abundance. Maybe you should consider publishing them?
  • There are some stories with non-white characters. There are next to no stories about queer characters (in all the time I’ve been reading submissions, I don’t think I’ve seen a single same-sex relationship).
  • Less words, more imagination.
  • Read, write, read, write.
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